it’s a deal.

Making this a quick one folks but a deal has been struck and the government shutdown will be ending accordingly. Who has thoughts? I know you’ve got ’em.


2 thoughts on “it’s a deal.

  1. LOL – I just knew you were out there somewhere, Sarah! As to your question, they could have had this deal months ago. But Washington is after all Hollywood for ugly people. A lot of egos demanded their shot on-camera, and you have to take some time building suspense even if it is all make-believe.

    Some of the actors, like Ted Cruz, advanced their careers. The stars were backed by a familiar raft of character players; Pelosi, Boehner, Cantor, Reid etc. There were few who came across as heroes, except perhaps for Admiral Black, the Senate’s Chaplain. He’s their new James Earl Jones – Morgan Freeman type, the voice of gravitas.

    • Mikey! How funny that you’ve found me! I’ve been very scattered when it comes to blogging, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. I’ve slowly been getting back in to the swing of things – political driven blogging has always felt more natural to me than what I was trying to do. It feels good to be ‘home’, so to say.

      A shutdown could have been avoided – without a doubt. Washington has become too partisan to make things easy though, sadly. You are right – every ego wanted their shot on-camera and their opinions to be heard. When one side wanted to negotiate, the other refused and then of course, everyone called foul and started pointing fingers.

      As a Republican, even though I do not agree with every tactic that was employed in the shutdown, I don’t think our party is entirely to blame as some outlets and Americans have done. I’m not looking forward to the next Presidential Elections though when of course, this shutdown will result in a smear campaign for whomever decides to run.

      For Ted Cruz, I am sure that in some aspects this will advance his career. But, in other aspects, I think this shutdown has solidified his alignment with the Tea Party and that will hurt him in the long run. If only he had slowed down after that 24-hour Dr. Seuss reading.

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