obama said what?

President Obama on Thursday urged his Republican adversaries to view the end of the government shutdown and debt ceiling battles of recent weeks as new opportunities for bipartisan compromise in the weeks ahead.

President Obama

Maybe I’m still a bit bitter about this whole government shutdown but if what President Obama was looking for throughout this shutdown was bipartisan compromise, then why did him and his party refuse to compromise? They may have said they were willing but actions speak louder than words and throughout the entirety of the shutdown, all Democrats demanded was a ‘clean bill’ – meaning a bill that fit everything they wanted and nothing the Republican party had expressed an interest in.

“You don’t like a particular policy, or a particular president, then argue for your position,” Mr. Obama said in the 15-minute statement.

President Obama

I would really appreciate the opportunity to meet President Obama’s speech writer. Who would write such a remark and then write only moments later for the President to chide Republicans for adopting a strategy of ‘brickmanship’ that delayed any type of compromise. Someone in President Obama’s arsenal and President Obama himself were very clearly absent for a majority of the shutdown. The Republican party held true to their needs in the budget, they asked for compromises and were met with roadblocks enforced by President Obama – so, why are they getting chided?

In all honesty, his entire speech gave me the heebie jeebies. From blaming Republicans for the shutdown to saying our party has seriously undermined the United States economy more than anyone else in the last few years is absurd. Really, hello, cash for clunkers? Was that not an epic failure that undermined the economy just a tad? And our national debt? Hasn’t that increased more under President Obama than under previous Presidents? Yes, yes it has.

To me, in sounds like President Obama is living in fantasy land. Too bad we have three more years to put up with that fantasy land. Oi.


if obama wants a beer.

Consider this a sweet story from Buzzfeed – my guilty pleasure.


Steve Hadley is a bartender at some swanky Capital Hill establishment. He is also quite political and just a smidgen against Obamacare and this rather inconvenient government shutdown. However, he has come to a solution of sorts.

If President Obama would like a beer, he should pay Steve Hadley $702. How did Steve Hadley manage to calculate such an amount? It’s the price of Steve Hadley’s Obamacare penalty… Plus $2. Congratulations Mr. Hadley because you’re kinda clever.

republican problems.

government_shutdownToday, I’ve got ’em. On October 2, 2013… I have heaps and heaps of Republican problems. Nearly 48 hours ago the government was shut down. Shut down? I know, I almost didn’t believe it either. Then, I recalled that the same thing came close to happening last year. The general liberal media consensus is that the Republican party is having problems that can be explained rather easily by the following phrase: smart for one, dumb for all. What a loaded generalization.

Historically, the government has shut down more than a dozen times since the 1970’s. This time, the Republican party is being harshly blamed. Media has taken to calling the Party a terrorist organization – kind of insulting. If you Google Republicans Shut Down Government right now, Google will tally upwards of 765 million results. What the media and public seemed to have missed is the following:

  • House Republicans have tried to negotiate with Democrats – it’s just every one of their efforts have been met with an attitude that screams Democrats want all or nothing. How do you negotiate with that?
  • Within the first twenty-four hours of the shutdown, House Republicans did try to reopen certain parts of the government. Their effort was met with a swift Democratic rejection and a ‘We don’t negotiate!’ attitude.
  • President Obama doesn’t want to get involved. Despite his press conferences and trip cancellations – what measures did he take to prevent a shutdown? Has he tried to end the shutdown? Aside from accusing House Republicans of a laundry list of terrible things, he has done nothing.

All of this has led to my having a day brimming with Republican problems – my Republican problems caused by the Democratic party.