obama’s best failure.

Thank Ezra Klein at the Wall Street Journal for this gem of an article. As many Republicans expected, the Affordable Care Act has been a failure thus far. With a temperamental website and a glitchy system that enrolls and cancels those looking for “affordable” insurance – the Affordable Care Act is not something the White House should be bragging about. Below is Klein’s list in short but I highly suggest visiting the source to read it thoroughly.

Overall, the launch of the Affordable Care Act has been a failure.

There are problems behind the problems that the public haven’t even had the pleasure of being faced with… Yet.

The Affordable Care Act may have been a top priority at the White House but it doesn’t mean they didn’t know about the problems encompassing it.

The only thing that has gone right for the Affordable Care Act is the Republican Party. I heartily disagree. If the Republicans hadn’t taken swift action, the launch’s failure may not have received the press that it has.

The Affordable Care Act’s failure isn’t just about politics – it’s about a failed promise.

Five Thoughts on the Obamacare Disaster, Ezra Klein