that annoying online petition.


I just came across this petition. I’m surprised there aren’t more liberal minded media outlets promoting it. It seems a little crazy, worth of news on a Thursday – the topic would certainly spice up the water cooler talk. Let’s talk here though – have you seen this? Signed it? Passed it along? Or are you hating it like I am? 



if obama wants a beer.

Consider this a sweet story from Buzzfeed – my guilty pleasure.


Steve Hadley is a bartender at some swanky Capital Hill establishment. He is also quite political and just a smidgen against Obamacare and this rather inconvenient government shutdown. However, he has come to a solution of sorts.

If President Obama would like a beer, he should pay Steve Hadley $702. How did Steve Hadley manage to calculate such an amount? It’s the price of Steve Hadley’s Obamacare penalty… Plus $2. Congratulations Mr. Hadley because you’re kinda clever.