obama’s best failure.

Thank Ezra Klein at the Wall Street Journal for this gem of an article. As many Republicans expected, the Affordable Care Act has been a failure thus far. With a temperamental website and a glitchy system that enrolls and cancels those looking for “affordable” insurance – the Affordable Care Act is not something the White House should be bragging about. Below is Klein’s list in short but I highly suggest visiting the source to read it thoroughly.

Overall, the launch of the Affordable Care Act has been a failure.

There are problems behind the problems that the public haven’t even had the pleasure of being faced with… Yet.

The Affordable Care Act may have been a top priority at the White House but it doesn’t mean they didn’t know about the problems encompassing it.

The only thing that has gone right for the Affordable Care Act is the Republican Party. I heartily disagree. If the Republicans hadn’t taken swift action, the launch’s failure may not have received the press that it has.

The Affordable Care Act’s failure isn’t just about politics – it’s about a failed promise.

Five Thoughts on the Obamacare Disaster, Ezra Klein




if obama wants a beer.

Consider this a sweet story from Buzzfeed – my guilty pleasure.


Steve Hadley is a bartender at some swanky Capital Hill establishment. He is also quite political and just a smidgen against Obamacare and this rather inconvenient government shutdown. However, he has come to a solution of sorts.

If President Obama would like a beer, he should pay Steve Hadley $702. How did Steve Hadley manage to calculate such an amount? It’s the price of Steve Hadley’s Obamacare penalty… Plus $2. Congratulations Mr. Hadley because you’re kinda clever.

republican problems.

government_shutdownToday, I’ve got ’em. On October 2, 2013… I have heaps and heaps of Republican problems. Nearly 48 hours ago the government was shut down. Shut down? I know, I almost didn’t believe it either. Then, I recalled that the same thing came close to happening last year. The general liberal media consensus is that the Republican party is having problems that can be explained rather easily by the following phrase: smart for one, dumb for all. What a loaded generalization.

Historically, the government has shut down more than a dozen times since the 1970’s. This time, the Republican party is being harshly blamed. Media has taken to calling the Party a terrorist organization – kind of insulting. If you Google Republicans Shut Down Government right now, Google will tally upwards of 765 million results. What the media and public seemed to have missed is the following:

  • House Republicans have tried to negotiate with Democrats – it’s just every one of their efforts have been met with an attitude that screams Democrats want all or nothing. How do you negotiate with that?
  • Within the first twenty-four hours of the shutdown, House Republicans did try to reopen certain parts of the government. Their effort was met with a swift Democratic rejection and a ‘We don’t negotiate!’ attitude.
  • President Obama doesn’t want to get involved. Despite his press conferences and trip cancellations – what measures did he take to prevent a shutdown? Has he tried to end the shutdown? Aside from accusing House Republicans of a laundry list of terrible things, he has done nothing.

All of this has led to my having a day brimming with Republican problems – my Republican problems caused by the Democratic party.