something terrible has happened in new jersey.

Something terrible happened last night. Yes, indeed it did. All morning, afternoon and evening polling places were opened for the New Jersey Senate race. Polls closed at approximately 8:00 PM and election results were released to the news media sometime around 9:30 PM. It was announced New Jersey somehow managed to elect a man who has accomplished near nothing in a broken city and may not even live in the state of New Jersey… And many in New Jersey seem to be happy about it.Newark Mayor and U.S. Senate candidate Booker speaks to the media after casting his ballot during the Senate primary election in Newark

I whole heartedly wish that Democratic Cory Booker was worthy for the Senate position but it is hard to find worthiness in someone who has made a political career out of being a celebrity. For the last five years, crime rates have continued to rise under the mayorship of Cory Booker. He may have been rescuing old ladies from burning buildings and convincing Whole Foods Market to setup shop downtown but he hasn’t done much that could ever be considered significant and many Newark residents would agree with that statement. Cory Booker is a political celebrity and not much else.

The culmination of this race reminds me of President Obama’s first presidential campaign. The campaign where he became one of the first candidates to employ social media marketing tactics to engage voters  – particularly voters of my generation. He then reached out by going on late night television talk shows – yes, I’m sure other candidates have done this but I’m sure not as often as President Obama has. After that, he just created tag lines for his campaign to make it fun for us young folk to promote his candidacy. Who doesn’t want hope? Change? Gimme some of that.

Cory Booker has done much of the same in terms of campaigning. His Facebook statuses are more often than not inspirational quotes for the masses and he can usually be found on Twitter chatting up strippers and defending his sexual preference (Why do people care so much about that?) The news media calls Cory Booker a rising star of the Democratic party but really he’s just a man seeking celebrity any which way he can.

It is my sincere hope that Cory Booker will live up to his Senate seat and do some good for our state but my hopes are not high. If he could not handle Newark, how is he going to handle our whole state?